Our Team has a ‘NeUniqueness’ to each and every member.

Read more to find out how we came together to form the NeU Team.

Team Members

<strong>Michio ITASAKA, PhD</strong>



Hi, I’m Michio and my main area of focus is neuro marketing research using fNIRS and psycho-physiological measurements, which are used to evaluate pleasantness, attractiveness and sleepiness of people. Previously, I was involved in cognitive neuroscience studies at the research institute for more than 10 years, and ever since I joined NeU Corporation in October 2017, my specialty has been in the driving, learning and education sector.

<strong>Kaori ITATANI</strong>


Manager, Brain Fitness Business Unit

Hi everyone, my name is Kaori and I’m in charge of work-style innovations from the perspective of brain science at NeU. My team and I work closely with companies and organizations throughout Japan to assist in providing a more effective and efficient workforce by strengthening the mental health of individual employees. I believe that a satisfying and comfortable workplace is an important factor for the health and longevity of any establishment, and with NeU’s brain science technology, we can determine stress-coping factors of employees and improve individual performance through custom brain training programs and applications that will ultimately benefit companies and organizations as a whole.

<strong>Tomoko ITOFUJI</strong>


Manager, Brain Fitness

Hello, my name is Tomoko and I’m in charge of brain fitness, specifically for the elderly. For a society to function properly as a whole, I truly believe that the aging population must continue to be an active part of our community, which I know can be achieved through proper brain fitness programs. Moreover, a “healthy” brain can extend our lifespan and increase our overall quality of life as we get older. My responsibilities at NeU also reaches into the business sector, where brain fitness can increase work performance, leading to better career opportunities and personal growth with infinite possibilities for a very satisfying and healthy lifestyle.

<strong>Taku KATSURA, PhD</strong>


Manager, Brain Fitness Business Unit

I’m Taku! I have a brain, and I hope it’s good. How about yours?
Secrets of the Brain are still out there waiting to be discovered, and I’ve been seeking new discoveries for more than 20 years.
I joined NeU with a mission to create a new era of applied brain science accumulated from two decades of my own professional and personal experience. NeU has a very unique measurement system to build a singular database, and together with Data and Analysis, I would like to propose a novel application of brain science that has never been seen before. Thank you!

<strong>Go MARUYAMA</strong>


Assistant Manager, Brain Science Consultation Business Unit

Nice to meet you, I’m Go! Before joining NeU Corporation in November 2017, I worked in the sales division of a well-known motorcycle trading company for around 10 years. Currently, I’m an Assistant Manager in NeU’s Brain Science Consultation Business Unit, where I conduct various neuro-marketing activities with a special focus on advertisement evaluations for leading ad agencies. With NeU’s knowledge and innovation in brain science, I strive to provide customers with an efficient and effective advertisement campaign.

<strong>Masanori SHOJI</strong>

Masanori SHOJI


Hi, I’m Masanori and I’m in charge of consultations regarding neuro-marketing experiments and analyses. Since brain science is used and applied in so many various fields with many different purposes, there is no doubt that data analysis methods will greatly vary, making this aspect of neuro-marketing especially challenging. In-spite of this, I’m excited to mention that with programming-technology advances over the years, I’ve been able to perform more than 100 NIRS analyses since 2004, and my expertise has provided valuable insight to many of our customers.

<strong>Yasuyuki SUZUKI</strong>

Yasuyuki SUZUKI


Hi there! I’m Yasuyuki and I’m in charge of sales for multi-channel wearable NIRS devices. I come from a unique and diverse sales background as I have sold various items from everyday commodities such as toys and home appliances, all the way to heavy industry equipment. Now, I handle the sales of NeU’s research devices and I have been conducting business in more than 20 countries across the world.
At NeU, we do our best to strive for perfection everywhere we go! Our customers are located in every corner of the world, and we are determined to support their needs and possibilities with NIRS technology. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find new ‘NeU’ solutions together!

<strong>Shinji YOSHIDA</strong>


Manager, Brain Science Consultation Business Unit

Hi, I’m Shinji and I’m in charge of NeU’s Brain Science Consultation Unit. I’m also very customer-oriented and I will always do my best to meet your demands and assist you in differentiating your products from not only local, but worldwide competitors. From theme selection to verification procedures according to your requirements and requests, you can rely on my expertise as I have done thousands of measurements. In addition, first-time customers will be surprised at how easy and comfortably NeU’s brain measurement devices attaches and conforms to any head shape or form. I’m looking forward to meeting you!